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27 June 2018


TASS members are invited to attend a Members Forum.

WHEN: Tuesday, 3 July 2018, 2:00-3:30 PM

WHERE: Motor Yacht Club of Tasmania, 1 Ford Parade, Lindisfarne



Surviving Spouse Issues and Processes - presented by representatives from RBF/Office of the Superannuation Commission

3:00 PM

The activities of the Association of Australian Council of Public Sector Retiree Organisations (ACPSRO) - role of ACPSRO, the 10% cap issue, indexation of pensions, proposed taxation changes - presented by Mr Richard Griffiths, President, ACPSRO

Afternoon tea will be provided at 2:30


RSVP: By Thursday 28 June

To: John Minchin, Secretary, Ph 0448 731 845 or email info@tass.org.au

If you wish to attend you must let us know by the above date so we can arrange seating and catering.

6 Mar 2018


Tuesday 27 March 2018


TIME: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM (including afternoon tea 2:30-3:00)

VENUE: (MYCT) Motor Yacht Club of Tasmania, 1 Ford Parade, Lindisfarne

(Parking is available at the MYCT, or on the street)

GUEST SPEAKER: Mr Greg Barns: Greg is a barrister, author and political commentator. He wrote an article on the effects of Budget changes on RBF (Defined Benefit) Pensions.



1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the AGM 2017

3. President’s Report 2017

4. Auditor's Report 2017

5. Membership Officer’s Report 2017

6. Election of Office Bearers. All positions will be declared vacant.

- President

- Vice-President

- Secretary

- Treasurer

- Membership Officer

- Newsletter Editor; and

- Executive members (6)

Nominations to be submitted by Friday 16 March using the Nomination Form

7. Election of Auditor

8. Election of Legal Advisor

9. Close of AGM

2 Mar 2018

Tasmanian State Election 2018 - COTA Candidate Survey

The results are now available 


19 Jan 2018

Annual General Meeting

Very preliminary notice - the Annual General Meeting of TASS will be held on 27 March. Details including time and venue will be publicised in due course.

For now, please mark the date in your diaries

19 Jan 2018

RBF’s administrator is changing; the linked page contains

details onthe limited service period

As you are most likely aware, the majority of the services required to administer the RBF’s defined benefit schemes are currently provided under contract with Mercer Outsourcing (Australia). As Mercer’s contract was coming to its end, the contract was put out for tender, and a new service provider, Link Group, was the successful bidder. Details on the changes and how they might affect you are available on the website below.


5 January 2018

Seniors Special Energy Bonus

The Seniors Special Energy Bonus is a result of higher than expected returns from Government Energy Businesses
It may apply to you.
It is a one off payment of $125

For full details on eligibility and what you need to do, contact a Service Tasmania Service Centres or view the information at -

The deadline for applications is 12 January 2018

19 Apr 2017

Public Sector Superannuation Reforms

The RBF recently added information about the changes affecting RBF Accumulation Fund and RBF defined benefit schemes members.  You can read more about the changes here

2o Feb 2017

Superannuation Commission Appointment

As part of the reform of public sector superannuation, the Government is creating a three person Superannuation Commission as the sole trustee of the RBF Contributory schemes. In October, Ms Kerry Adby was appointed as Chairperson of the Commission.
The Treasurer has just announced that the TASS President, Chris Bevan, has been appointed as one of the Commissioners. His tenure will be for 3 years commencing 1 April 2017.
This will be the first time that contributory fund members have had someone to represent their interests.
Congratulations Chris!

19 Jan 2017

ACPSRO Media release

Better late than never! Here is the ACPSRO Media Release on the anniversary of the "10% cap" legislation that has so badly affected so many of our members.  You can download the release by clicking here

19 Jan 2017

Reminder - You can receive SUPER-NEWS by email

Members can receive the newsletter by email. A considerable number of members have already taken up this option which will help TASS reduce its printing and mailing costs, and reduce paper usage.

If you haven’t already done so and wish to take advantage of this all you need to do is send an email to supernews@tass.org.au with the words “Super-News – YES” as the subject.

26 Sept 2016

Article by Greg Barns re the unfair treatment of defined benefits pensioners

Here is the link (below) to today's Greg Barns article about the unfair changes affecting many of our members.

Pass it on to your friends and ask them to join TASS so we can strengthen our voice.

Let Government politicians know how unhappy you are and tell them you want this legislation reversed.


5 June 2016

Canberra Times Articles

TASS continues to fight hard for it's members. The impact of the Social Services Legislation Amendment - Defined Benefit Income Streams Bill 2015 (the so-called “10% cap legislation”) appears to be exactly as we had predicted; ie targeting the lower income categories and not the "$120k fat cats" as was asserted by the Government. In fact, 60% of defined benefits pensioners affected are on pensions below $30,000 per annum.
It would be very useful if members could lobby and discuss this issue as widely as possible with other voters, and with election candidates; and by contacting media outlets (especially letters to newspapers) to make our case heard as widely as possible.
We thank all of those members who have been doing this during recent months.

These articles in the Canberra Times make interesting reading:

24 May 2016

25 May 2016

26 May 2016

22 April 2016

RBF Unfunded Liability Inquiry

The Legislative Council Government Administration Committee 'A' is conducting an inquiry into the RBF Unfunded Liability.  TASS has made a submission.

20 February 2016

Senate Estimates Questions

At the Senate Estimates Committee meeting (Community Affairs Legislation Committee) on 11 February 2016, Senator Carol Brown asked questions on the impact of the changes to the treatment of income from defined benefit schemes.

The Department were able to provide some high level figures on the impact and have undertaken to provide the Senators more detailed information in writing.

You can read the transcript here.

8 February 2106

Andrew Wilkie MP asks question in Parliament

Here is a link to Andrew’s question and the Minister’s response, as well as Andrew’s statement following the answer.As expected, Minister Porter's response was unfavourable.

4 February 2016

Campaign in full swing

The campaign against the Federal Goverment changes to the Age Pension income test for people with defined benefits pensions is well underway.

ACSPRO, the Australian Council of Public Sector Retiree Organisations , has issued 3 media statements in the past month.  They can be viewed by clicking on the following -

Media Statement 5 January 2016

Media Statement 11 January 2016

Media Statement 2 February 2016

13 January 2016

Campaign in full swing

The campaign against the Federal Goverment changes to the Age Pension income test for people with defined benefits pensions is well underway.

ACSPRO, the Australian Council of Public Sector Retiree Organisations , has issued 2 media statements in recent days.  They can be viewed by clicking on the following -

Media Statement 5 January 2016

Media Statement 11 January 2016

13 January 2016

Press coverage - loss or reduction in Age Pensions for some defined benefits pensioners

Here are some articles from the Canberra times -

Canberra Times 11 January 2016

Canberra Times 6 January 2016